Van Limburg

Certification level : LEVEL 1

Biography :

Antoine Van Limburg

I discovered the universe of Tantra through the teachings of Rickie Moore PhD and Henry Marshall PhD in 1990 with whom i did the training to become Tr-Energetic Coach in 1996.

I started Skydancing Tantra in 2006 where i felt myself totally at home. After many workshops as participant and then as assistant, I have followed the Skydancing Tantra Teacher Training and have been certified in 2014.

I teach Tantra since 2010 through Europe and enjoy to co-lead with many Tantra Teacher partners.

Being a very curious person, I couldn’t resist to dive deeper in Tantra and meet other Tantra Teachers and so I followed the teachings of Sarita and Diana Richardson among others.

After being trained in Toucher-Massage by Joël Savatovski, I completed my passion for body oriented techniques with Jan Robinson (Massage for Extasy).

One of my dreams came true when I transformed with my ex-wife an old guesthouse in a workshop-center called « Gite de Belles Ombres » beautifully located in the French Alps, close to Grenoble and Geneva. It’s a perfect place for spiritual retreats amidst powerful nature.

Music has a very important place in my creative life, playing drums and percussion since my 15’s. Henry Marshall taught me the powerful mystery of chanting mantras and i have participated in the recording of several of his CD’s.

My passion for sacred mountains and photography have brought me to many places : the Alps, Nepal & Tibet, West America, the Saraha… I had the chance to complete twice the pilgrimage of Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain of Asia, and made  a book of this lifelasting exerience.

Tantra has deeply changed my life and it is a true joy to share its practices with as may persons i could reach. In my workshops, i offer to discover and experience this path of consciousness - at the same time simple and joyous -  that includes all the aspects of the human being : body, emotions, mind & spirit. Exploring all these facets of our being helps us to reveal fully all our potential to love oneself, the others and Life.


European Standard

Teachers Level 1 have been successfully certified at the end of a 5 to 6 weeks SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training. They have also been exposed to leading some Tantra evenings and Week-Ends. They are authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra.

Teachers Level 2 have been certified level 1 and have assisted experienced Teachers during minimum 6 weeks of the LET. They are also  authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra. Leaders of LET cycles might be chosen among them in the future.

Associated Teachers have been selected and invited to co-lead the LET but are not certified by our Institutes.