Cassidy Geppert and Mika Smith

Certification level : LEVEL 2 - Teachers

Authorized to lead the LET

Biography : Mika & Cassidy have been practicing Sky Dancing Tantra together since 2009 when they participated in the Love & Ecstasy Training. They are passionately committed to the tantric path as it deeply enhances their connection and intimacy as a married couple and supports their intention to live life with hearts wide open.

Says Cassidy, “One of our wedding vows was to make our relationship a vehicle for positive change in the world. Teaching Tantra is one way in which we fulfill this vow, and we feel honored to offer our collective experiences and knowledge to others.”

Together, they have over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing the healing arts, including Tantra, yoga, massage, breath work, movement, group process and transformational therapy. Their workshops provide a safe, nurturing and playful environment that encourages intimacy and expansion.

Mika & Cassidy have staffed many workshops with Steve & Lokita Carter, founders of Ecstatic Living Institute, and are certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers. They are regular instructors in workshops offered by Ecstatic Living Institute.

In their role of teachers, they are adept at knowing what each student needs in order to support their individual expansion and growth. They believe that all humans have the capacity to heal themselves and create positive change in the world, and they see Tantra and yoga as powerful tools for doing so.


US Standard

Teachers Level 1 (Presenters) have been successfully certified at the end of a 3 weeks SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training. They have also been exposed to leading some Tantra evenings and one day events. They are authorized to lead up  to 1 day (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra.

Teachers Level 2 (Teachers) have been certified level 1 then continued for two additional weeks and have assisted experienced Teachers during minimum 4 weeks of the LET. They are also  authorized to lead up  to 2  days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra. Leaders of LET cycles might be chosen among them in the future.

Associated Teachers have been selected and invited to co-lead the LET but are not certified by our Institutes.