Certification level : LEVEL 1

Biography :

Certified Skydancing-International Tantra Teacher

Master of Sacred and Spiritual Dances

Instructor & Private Coach for Tantra Yoga and Meditation

Practitioner of Sufi- Dances and Philosophie

Nutritionist and Health Coach

Member of the German Association for Health Counseling GGB

Kinesiologist (Ismakogie)




Viennese origins, Elisabeth is living and sharing the Tantric idea in Greece and throughout Europe.

She is the founder of the SENSUAL HOLIDAYS, a project in the enchanting nature of  Greece, were she offers together with excellent teachers and therapists the opportunity, to explore - through practising Authentic Tantrism and the Sensual Dance - new, exciting dimensions of inner growth, profound transformation and deep joy of being alive...

As a former disciple of Daniel Odier, master of Shivaist Tantrism from Kashmir according to the Kaula tradition and the Spanda & Pratyabhijñā lineage, she is practitioner of TANDAVA, the dance of Shakti/Shiva and the CASHMIRIAN MASSAGE – the famous “Yoga of Touch”.

As a former student of Sufi Master Dr. Fawzia Al-Rawi, Elisabeth practices the Derwish-Whirling and furthermore she is an initiate in Sacred- and Spiritual Dances.


Seventeen years old, Elisabeth was trained by Dr. Susanne Schmida, a spiritual pioneer and owner of the first Yoga-Institute in Vienna, in Yoga and Meditation.

As a member of the German Association for Health Counseling GGB (Dr. Max Otto Bruker) she was working many years as a nutritionist and expert for preventive health care with renowned greek medical specialists as well as a bodywork-therapist (method of Prof. Anne Seidl).

She is the author of a bestselling book about how to loose weight and stay healthy and of many articles about Tantrism.​

In her workshops, seminars and coachings she is sharing her blissful and passionate experiences with courageous and open-minded people, who want more of life and love and who have realized, that the seeds for happiness and fulfillment are resting in themselves.

Her mission is to show them a way to bring these seeds to blossom ...


European Standard

Teachers Level 1 have been successfully certified at the end of a 5 to 6 weeks SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training. They have also been exposed to leading some Tantra evenings and Week-Ends. They are authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra.

Teachers Level 2 have been certified level 1 and have assisted experienced Teachers during minimum 6 weeks of the LET. They are also  authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra. Leaders of LET cycles might be chosen among them in the future.

Associated Teachers have been selected and invited to co-lead the LET but are not certified by our Institutes.