Certification level : LEVEL 2

Biography :

Originally a judo teacher, Pierre has built his own personal experience on the basis of an original path. First as a consultant in management and communication, he was supervising company directors as a coach, accompanying them towards innovative and respectful management attitudes. Once researcher in sciences of education, founder of a wine tasting school, he keeps, from those experiences, a special interest for a free, alive and sober way to teach. Pierre entered the universe of Tantra in 2006 and immediately decided to commit to this path. He progressively enriched his practice by studying with other schools including Kashmiri Yoga and Tao schools.

As of today, Pierre leads Tantra Groups for men and develops exploratory and initiation seminars close to Lyon. His practice and teachings are closely linked together and invite practicing persons to simplicity and deepness. He proposes a form of Tantra full of creativity and humor, easy to integrate in one’s daily life in a subtle manner. Pierre is married and the father of two daughters which he considers as major life experiences ...



European Standard

Teachers Level 1 have been successfully certified at the end of a 5 to 6 weeks SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training. They have also been exposed to leading some Tantra evenings and Week-Ends. They are authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra.

Teachers Level 2 have been certified level 1 and have assisted experienced Teachers during minimum 6 weeks of the LET. They are also  authorized to lead up  to 2 to 3 days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra. Leaders of LET cycles might be chosen among them in the future.

Associated Teachers have been selected and invited to co-lead the LET but are not certified by our Institutes.