Thomas Stout and Sara Biewen

Certification level : LEVEL 1 - Presenters

Authorization to lead on behalf of SkyDancing Tantra International :

- Evening groups : YES

- One day workshops : YES

- Two or three days Introductory Week-Ends : YES

  1. -LET Cycles : No

  2. -Skydancing Tantra Teachers Training : No

Biography : Sara and Thomas are a powerful, creative and playful teaching team. You can easily see they have been refining the art of intimacy for over 25 years in their marriage. In their workshops they share a wealth of experience gained through a passionate Tantra practice while still balancing life as parents and working professionals.

They have been enjoying years studying, meditation, yoga, breathwork, sensual massage, sexuality and interpersonal dynamics.

Sara has been a professional psychotherapist since 1992, an artist, and a proud mom of two wonderful boys.  She infuses her teachings with a sense of warmth and insight developed from counseling numerous clients through challenging situations.  Her artistic eye and creativity is notable in everything she does.

From Thomas you will learn a deep capacity for connection.  His open-hearted presence and sense of body awareness has been refined through life as a professional dancer, massage therapist, teacher, loving father and husband.

Together, Thomas and Sara make each workshop a safe and fun atmosphere in which you can dive deep. They are excited and pleased to be certified SkyDancing Tantra Presenters who have the opportunity to guide others to live and love passionately.


US Standard

Teachers Level 1 (Presenters) have been successfully certified at the end of a 3 weeks SkyDancing Tantra Teachers Training. They have also been exposed to leading some Tantra evenings and one day events. They are authorized to lead up  to 1 day (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra.

Teachers Level 2 (Teachers) have been certified level 1 then continued for two additional weeks and have assisted experienced Teachers during minimum 4 weeks of the LET. They are also  authorized to lead up  to 2  days (max) workshops in the name of SkyDancing Tantra. Leaders of LET cycles might be chosen among them in the future.

Associated Teachers have been selected and invited to co-lead the LET but are not certified by our Institutes.