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Skydancers Intensive - Skydancing with Margot

Skydancers Intensive with Margot


A unique experience with Margot Anand following the 30-year celebration of SkyDancing Tantra at the Hameau de l’Etoile, France


Margot wishes to celebrate with an overview of her work. Each day will focus on different themes while leaving space for “hanging out with Margot”!

 Some of the themes Margot would like to explore:

SkyDancing Tantra as a mystical transmission

Go deeper into what SkyDancing Tantra is as a mystical practice and transmission

The art of sexual magic

Explore the art of visualizing what you want to accomplish in your life, giving it form, manifesting it and planting the seed of this creation while cultivating blissful energy states

Discover how to meet and cultivate your Inner Magician

Creating Healing rituals

Learn the art of creating healing rituals around various topics (proposed by participants) with the purpose of bringing closure, elevating consciousness and manifesting healing

The Yin and Yang of ecstasy

Meet your Inner Man and Inner Woman

Develop clarity about the role of your inner feminine and inner masculine in your life

Learn to bring clarity into confused situations through dialogue between your inner Man and Woman

Channeling through the chakras

Channel consciousness and speech through the chakras

Open the Inner Flute through meditations and energy work

Learn how to read another person through the chakras

Work with breath, energy, colors and mantras

Hanging out with Margot

Time for questions & answers and being together with Margot

Location information

Hameau de l'Etoile (near Montpellier)

Saint Martin de Londres