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Aqua Tantra®: The matrix of the origins

Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos
Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos


Aqua Tantra®: The matrix of the origins

with Bodhi Sambhava & Johann Azuelos

"Le Miel et l'eau" center - near Agen (France)

"When consciousness and water merge, wholeness and vitality emerge." — Bodhi Sambhava

Aqua Tantra: The origins Matrix allows you to rediscover and engage with your strength, steadiness and our natural flow. Through conscious body and energetic practices in both warm waters and on land, you become aware of the different aspects of your Self; you reconnect with your body, its deep cellular memories and the stability of feeling grounded while embodying your original fluidity and ability to let go into freedom.

As we reconnect with the deepest layer of our being, we re-experience the ecstatic potential and harmony of our Self, experiencing our body as our temple, as the primordial sexual and vital energies flow freely. With the expansion of consciousness, we also regain our self-confidence and trust in others and in life. Aqua-Tantra opens a path to achieving a more fulfilled life, offering practical answers around daily life, relationships, sexuality and more.

Open to everyone (solo and partnered participants). No previous experience necessary.

Aqua Tantra: "The matrix of the origines" is carefully designed for those that have little or no previous experience with Tantra as well as those that are well-versed in land-based Tantric practices. Using slow, relaxing and sensual approach in a warm and respectful atmosphere of trust and safety, Aqua Tantra takes you on a journey of gentle and life-changing transformation.

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Le Miel et l'Eau - near Agen (France)

Clermont Dessous