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SkyDancing International is a collective of Institutes and Teachers of Tantra who share the teaching of the tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. The purpose of this website is to present our philosophy and to allow visitors to access the wide variety of workshops and events organized by our community..

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Yes you can, keeping in mind that for many people, SkyDancing Tantra was a life-changing experience. After having gone through our seminars, people do not look at life as they were looking before. Sometimes, when you come alone to a Tantra workshop, the change in you is so important that it also drives the partner into another space. Sometimes, the ditch becomes so wide that the relation between the two partners become more difficult. So take time to discuss with your partner before attending Tantra workshops without him/her. Make sure that his/her resistances are not based on a misunderstanding of what Tantra is. Propose to him/her to call a SkyDancing Teacher or Institute Director so as to express his/her fears. Maybe your partner will finally come with you. If the partner is still not interested after that, make your decision on your own. There is no right or wrong choice. Maybe it is better for your couple that you renounce, maybe not.