SkyDancing Teacher Training 2025/27

International Training for Facilitators




Starting April 2025!

The first fully International Teacher Training offering the opportunity to learn
the art of transmitting SkyDancing Tantra alongside peers and instructors from around the world!

The group of attendees will be composed of two groups, one with students from Europe and the other with students from the USA.
Each group will attend most modules in their own or neighboring country
and have the opportunity to gather for three modules of the Training with the full group.

SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Trainings are only offered every few years.

This program provides a unique opportunity to enjoy an excellent learning environment
and become a member of this select community dedicated to sharing the profound teachings of Margot Anand's SkyDancing Tantra.
Modules will be taught in English and German for sessions in Europe and during full-group gatherings.
Sessions in the USA will be conducted exclusively in English.


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Rituel Tantra

SkyDancing® Tantra
International Teacher Training 2025/2027

The SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training is the only official certification program to fully understand, embody and transmit the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra. It is one of the most recognized methods and respected institutions in the field of Tantra. This training is for people who want to support others in their personal development and ecstatic awakening with relationships, sexuality, and spirituality.

This program is for you if:

      • you are considering certification as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher;
      • you are interested in learning tools to incorporate into your professional setting;
      • you wish to become a skilled and dynamic Tantra group leader;
      • you want to deepen your experience and understanding of Tantra;
      • you desire to make friends and collaborate with fellow teachers from across the globe.

This training is a powerful adventure and an invitation to explore, practice, and integrate the tools of SkyDancing Tantra in all facets of your life.
This International Teacher Training is composed of six modules over two years. You will:

      • receive rich learning through experiential training approved by Margot Anand;
      • learn from a diversity of facilitators carefully chosen from around the world;
      • gain a better understanding of Tantric practice and philosophy;
      • explore finding your unique voice, learn to teach from your authentic self and life experience, and develop your inner wisdom to inspire your transmission;
      • discover and learn what it is to be a teacher who offers transformative experiences;
      • develop the skills and insight needed to craft transformational workshops and create a safe, conducive environment for your events, including group facilitation methodologies and approaches to assessing and handling group dynamics;
      • expand your tools to build a successful Tantra business;
      • cultivate your presence in the moment, and allow your intuitive responses to emerge from the group field to meet your participants.

A SkyDancing Tantra Teacher embodies the teachings and inspires their participants. This Teacher Training is designed around these principles and creates an environment for personal and professional growth conducive to deeply integrating the state of being specific to Tantra.
Completing this training will prepare you to present classes and facilitate multi-day workshops.

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  • The Mission
  • The Teachers
  • The Curriculum will include…
  • How is this Teacher Training structured ?
  • Dates, teachers and locations
  • Tuition and costs
  • The Application Process
  • Statement of Completion
  • Certification and Guidelines

The mission of certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers is to embody and share a holistic approach to living that integrates the heart, body, and spirit. Through our teachings, we cultivate a deep connection to love, integrity, and ecstatic delight, while promoting genuine equality and spirituality within our lives. We are committed to practicing and disseminating the methods of SkyDancing Tantra, fostering a culture of wellness, authenticity, and profound connection.

The upcoming SkyDancing Tantra International Teacher Training (ITT) will be taught by a panel of the world's leading SkyDancing Tantra Teachers, including Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste from France, Cassidy Geppert, Mika Smith, Sara & Thomas Stout (SatchiJo), Jim Benson from USA, Andreas Rupp (Rupananda) from Germany, Lokita Carter from USA and Germany, Fernando Manrique from Peru and Mercedes Andany (Aïma) from Switzerland.

Margot has set her intention to retire… and has nevertheless expressed the will to teach Module 4. With Margot, everything is possible!

Here is a partial list of the teaching items which will be presented during the ITT. We hope that it will give you an idea of the richness of such an exploration.

      • The principles of Tantra, Neo-Tantra and SkyDancing Tantra.
      • Foundational practices of SkyDancing Tantra.
      • The Ecstasy of the Body, Mind & Spirit: cultivating ecstatic states.
      • Embodying yourself as a Tantra teacher, “walking your talk”.
      • How to structure transformative exercises and workshops.
      • Breathwork as a tool for accelerated personal growth.
      • Awareness and transformation through the three keys.
      • The connection of sexuality and spirituality in SkyDancing Tantra.
      • Ethics & Integrity: working within healthy boundaries.
      • Personal Processing: facilitating powerful individual growth in a group setting.
      • Managing challenging group dynamics.
      • Inclusivity: SkyDancing Tantra and LGBTQIA+. 
      • The history and spiritual lineage of SkyDancing Tantra.
      • What is sacred sexuality?
      • How to work with a teaching team?
      • Using rituals and mystical tools.
      • How to work with complaints, problems and projections.
      • How to recognize your personal challenges and to use them in your teachings.  
      • The relationship between energy and consciousness in practice.
      • Exploring and embodying the non-dual tantric attitude.
      • Creating practices supporting awareness of one’s boundaries and desires.
      • Trauma-informed facilitation
      • Designing inner freedom practices supporting deep relaxation of mind and body.
      • Co-leadership: explore the challenges and beauty of shared leadership, their impact on group dynamics and how to use them consciously.

Teachers: we have chosen to offer you a diversity of SkyDancing Tantra experienced Teachers because we want to show you that there are many ways to facilitate Tantra retreats. We don’t want you to model yourself on a single way of teaching or embodying Tantra.

Red Thread: as a result, to ensure pedagogical continuity,a SkyDancing Teacher will be present at each module of the ITT in the role of the “red thread”. The red thread’s mission is the global follow-up of students progresses during the various modules.

Assistants: a number of Certified SkyDancing Teachers and graduates will be present to support the teachers, you as students, and the overall training. At times, when you are presenting exercises, they can support your experience.

Learning principles: the purpose of this ITT is to train students to facilitate Tantra workshops and retreats. Focus is given…

      • to methodologies for creating practices or building programs, 
      • to facilitation techniques,
      • to support students in developing their own vision of Tantra while understanding its essence and main characteristics,
      • to deepening their knowledge of SkyDancing Tantra,
      • to understanding individual and group dynamics,
      • to creating safe spaces of experiences for participants to learn,
      • to allowing students to understand how a strong ethical framework can reinforce their leadership.

Personal development work: students will learn how to facilitate Tantra workshops and retreats but will also keep on working on their personal development. This will be addressed in various ways during our ITT. In particular, we have decided to support the personal growth of our students by offering them many opportunities to co-create and to co-facilitate practices, sometimes in constrained environments. We regularly debrief on the personal processes that emerge from these collaborations. Our students are thus trained to maintain an even mindset under pressure (which never fails to happen in Tantra retreats).

Construction of the Modules Curriculums: in order to structure our ITT, we have identified a list of approx. 90 teaching items that constitute the backbone of the ITT. It is divided in 5 categories:

      • general approach of Tantra; 
      • how to create a Tantra Workshop;
      • specific SkyDancing Practices and others;
      • creating your own practices;
      • handling a workshop or a retreat.

Each item is allocated to a determined module where the Teachers in charge have the choice about the way they will present it to the students through talks, Q&As, Creation or Facilitation of practices or many other methods.

Handouts: manuals are remitted (pdf files) to students at each module. These manuals summarize the theoretical and practical contents of this module.

Further information will be communicated at a later stage to students whose application will have been validated.

Through this International SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Training, you will have acquired many theoretical and practical techniques for teaching SkyDancing Tantra. We are looking forward to seeing you transmitting them soon.

ITT Module 1 Whole group in Europe, April 28 - May 5, 2025
Led by Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste
Le Hameau de l'Etoile, Montpellier – France
ITT Module 2 September 22-29, 2025
Led by Lokita Carter & Laurent Lacoste
Le Hameau de l'Etoile, Montpellier – France
October 10-17, 2025
Led by Sara Stout & Mika Smith
Sunrise  Ranch,  Loveland- USA
ITT Module 3 January 18-25, 2026
Led by Aïma Andany & Rupananda
Seminar hotel Sonnenstrahl, Kisslegg – Deutschland
February 15-22, 2026
Led by Cassidy Geppert & SatchiJoStout
Sunrise  Ranch,  Loveland- USA
ITT Module 4 Whole group, April 27 - May 4, 2026
very probably led by Margot & Jim Benson
Bali – Indonesia
ITT Module 5 November 28 - December 5, 2026
Led by Aïma Andany  & Fernando Manrique
Seminar hotel Sonnenstrahl, Kisslegg – Deutschland
October 9-16, 2026
Led by Aïma Andany  & Fernando Manrique
Sunrise  Ranch,  Loveland- USA
ITT Module 6 Whole group in USA, April 18-25, 2027
Led by Laurence Heitzmann & Laurent Lacoste
Sunrise  Ranch,  Loveland- USA

The above list of teachers does not constitute an irrevocable commitment from SkyDancing: it may be subject to changes depending on specific circumstances. 

Please Note:Margot has accepted to teach Module 4 and chooses to invite us in Bali! So this module is scheduled as above for the time being. Please note that it could be given in France instead of Bali if the organization deems it necessary. Rest assured: we will keep you informed!

The tuition is € 1300 per module. 

Once application is accepted, registration will be final and confirmed after receipt of the payment in full of the tuition for the first module.
Payment and invoicing details will be given after the application is confirmed.

Accommodation, meals and travel costs are not included. You may expect the following:

      • Full board accommodation in Europe is approx. € 600 - 1200 per week, per person, depending on the venue and your choice of accommodation.
      • Full board accommodation in USA and Bali is approx. € 1500 - 2000 per week, per person.
      • Flights to Bali and USA range from approx. € 800 to € 2000.

The ITT begins on April 28, 2025. A limited number of applicants will be accepted. Apply early and start your pre-requisites as soon as possible.

To apply for the SkyDancing Tantra International Teacher Training:

      • Fill out the application form below.
      • We will contact you to discuss your application, how to complete any remaining prerequisites, to give you details about the program, and answer any questions you have. 
      • Once your application is accepted, your registration will be final and confirmed after receipt of the payment in full of the tuition for the first module. 

By registering for this course, you are committing to attend all 6 modules. If you foresee any circumstances that may prevent you from attending a module, please inform us promptly.

Please note that you must confirm your attendance by paying the full tuition for each module before the start of the prior module. This means that before the commencement of any module in the ITT, you will have paid for both the upcoming module and the subsequent one.  If you choose to withdraw, you will not be eligible for a refund of these tuition payments.

The prerequisites to be completed before April 2025 to be accepted as a participant in the ITT are the following: 

Recommended Completing all 6 cycles of the LET Completing all 3 cycles of the LET
Required Completing 3 cycles of the LET Completing 2 cycles of the LET


In addition, the following personal qualities and experiences will be considered when evaluating applications:

      • awareness of one’s emotional system and capacity to contain one’s emotions, maintain equanimity, and support others in a wide range of emotional states;
      • capability to be self-reflective;
      • humility;
      • ability to utilize neutral listening skills;
      • experience assisting or leading Tantra seminars.

Candidates will not be eliminated based on these criteria alone.

After attending 6 in-person, ITT one-week modules, plus online integration between modules, all students will receive a Statement of Completion acknowledging their participation.

At the end of their International Teacher Training (ITT), Graduates may apply to join SkyDancing Tantra Teacher Certification Program. 

Certification is a discretionary decision by a Certification Board (SkyDancing International Directors including Margot Anand, Institute Directors, and other ITT supervisors). 

Once approved by the Certification Board, applicants must sign a Certification Agreement through which they consent to respect Guidelines and Ethical Standards.

Certification gives Teachers the right to:

      • create their own Tantra School under the sponsorship of SkyDancing Tantra International. They can organize their own Tantra seminars, using some of SkyDancing practices and practices they created;
      • present themselves as SkyDancing Tantra Certified Teachers;
      • use the “Member of SkyDancing Tantra International” logo on their websites and marketing materials;
      • be listed on the websites of their Reference Institute and SkyDancing International;
      • be a member of the greater SkyDancing Tantra International Sangha and participate in community gatherings.

To become certified, applicants must have:

      • attended all 6 LET cycles for European Students and all 3 LET cycles in the USA. We grant this exception to USA students because only three cycles of the LET are currently offered in the USA. We recommend that they attend cycles 4 to 6 as available;
      • assisted experienced SkyDancing Teachers during at least 2 LET cycles and 2 weekends;
      • completed facilitating assignments requested during the ITT;
      • facilitated at least 3 Tantra evenings or half-day workshops during the second year of the ITT or later, as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher in Training;
      • facilitated at least 2 Tantra weekends as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher-in-Training after completing their ITT;
      • presented to the Certification Board an article/essay about a subject that they will have chosen together. 

This description is not a binding commitment. Some changes may occur before or during the ITT. Students will be advised of such changes.

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International Teacher Training 2025-27


"It is up to us as individuals  to find ways out of our own situation

that lead to reaching our potential as ecstatic and orgasmic beings."

- Margot Anand -