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SkyDancing International is a collective of Institutes and Teachers of Tantra who share the teaching of the tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. The purpose of this website is to present our philosophy and to allow visitors to access the wide variety of workshops and events organized by our community..

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Love, sex & awakening - Last Book of Margot Anand

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Margot, please can you explain to us what SkyDancing Tantra is ?Interview de Margot Anand

SkyDancing Tantra is a spiritual and mystical Tantra path inspired by the story of Buddha Padma Sambhava and his consort, Yesche Tsogyel during the 8th Century in Tibet. The core practice of this path, according to ancient scriptures, was about cultivating the transmutation of sexual energies, desire and pleasure into a transcendental awakening, at the very moment of the Union between Consciousness (Shiva) and Energy (Shakti). This moment of Ecstasy is a precious Awakening that can be reached through the Practice which I have created and named “Riding the Wave of Bliss”. This practice is illustrated in ancient pictures from the Tibetan Buddhist Iconography. They represent the man, sitting in lotus, and the woman sitting on his laps in an embrace. Subtle exchanges of energies arise from this union. They are described in Chapter 9 of my book, “Love, Sex and Awakening”.

The SkyDancing path was built upon this practice and this form of awakening. It starts with a phase of healing of the sexual wounds. It focusses then on experiencing the expansion of our multi-orgasmic potential, which is the art of moving the orgasmic vibration throughout our entire body, from the root to the crown and from the crown to the root.

To clarify this, I wish to quote Trinley Norbu Rimpoche, in his introduction to the book : The SkyDancer where he himself quotes the Paramita Sutra :
" The precious tantric tradition, desireless, blissful wisdom, is the essence of all desirable qualities, unobstructedly going and coming in endless space. This wisdom is called “The SkyDancer”, feminine wisdom of the Dakini.” (Or female awakener).

As of today, SkyDancing Tantra was also supplemented by many disciplines that were developed by currents of Humanistic Psychology and other Therapies so to become accessible to as many as possible.