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SkyDancing International is a collective of Institutes and Teachers of Tantra who share the teaching of the tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. The purpose of this website is to present our philosophy and to allow visitors to access the wide variety of workshops and events organized by our community..

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It is always difficult to determine where a river begins its course. Any such attempt in the field of Tantra is subject to interpretations and subjective assessments. The coming proposal does not escape this rule.
Neo-Tantra, as of today, is one of the most dynamic currents of Tantra. Proposals about Tantra become more abundant every day. Creativity is huge and there are as many types of Tantra as there are group-facilitators.

Neo-Tantra is a path that was inspired from ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and Indian Shivaism and adapted to the West by searchers, therapists, psychologists, yogis and meditators. One could summarize it this way : it is an experimental path towards more individual consciousness and personal vitality (life-force energy). This path combines breathing techniques, still meditation, active meditations, rituals and forms of inter-action between participants, all aiming at developing those two aspects of being : Awareness and Energy. Neo-Tantra, as well as traditional forms should lead to a non-dual way to look at life. Getting out of judgments and all forms of discriminations, so as to embrace life fully through all its facets.

As soon as we become more conscious of who we are and how we interact with the world, we become more alive and we can be both the actor and the observer of our lives. Thus, we can pacify our minds and our attachments, and let ourselves a natural space of vacuity, at our very centres. In our vision, Neo-Tantra has no other goal.