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SkyDancing International is a collective of Institutes and Teachers of Tantra who share the teaching of the tantric lineage created by Margot Anand. The purpose of this website is to present our philosophy and to allow visitors to access the wide variety of workshops and events organized by our community..

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Tantrism is above all, a personal path towards enlightenment, an inner path towards a deeper perception that nothing is separated and that everything is Consciousness or Energy. It has fundamentally nothing to deal with relationship or with classes of sexual education. Nevertheless, Neo-Tantra has given much freedom and importance to sexuality. This is a very good thing when one considers the ambient neurosis about sexuality. But we do not want that the Tantric doctrine be used to justify any sexual orientation or behaviour. Freedom is freedom after all !

Tantra deals with the level of Consciousness and Energy that we manifest in our lives without excluding the intimate or sexual aspects. Sexuality is so repressed in our society and collective unconscious, that it leads many people to believe that Tantra is a lot about sexuality (such focus being enhanced by our conscious or unconscious frustration). But Tantra is not a limited path. It embraces all facets of life, including sexuality.

It has to be said that even some traditional branches of Tantrism have used sexual practice to sacralise and symbolise their mystical quest. As a result, the West and Neo-Tantra have associated the idea of Tantra with a quest for a better sexuality or relationship to one another. This misunderstanding has been aggravated by the belief that the union between Energy and Consciousness had compulsorily to be ritualized through the sexual meditation between a woman and a man. This is not true. Tantric enlightenment can as well simply be achieved through meditation when one deeply dives into the emerging and shivering feeling of any sensation of desire or joy, when diving into the infinite space that lies between breath in and breath out.

As a result, nothing from our teachings should be used to justify any relational or sexual preference, orientation or behaviour. A Tantrika is a free individual, free from the very moment he/she renounces to classify him/herself in a specific category. Anybody can be a Tantrika, regardless of his way of being or of considering life or relationship or sexuality.