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LILA is the Soul name given by Margot Anand in 2019, which means: "Life is the play of the Divine, unexpected and full of meaning".
Of Romanian origin, I live in Brussels since 1990. With a scientific university background, I'm a born researcher. Curious about everything to do with Life, I first worked in the field of biomedical research, before moving on to the observation and study of human relationships.
In 2005, I discovered Tantra through Margot Anand's books. I began experimenting Tantra on a daily basis with Jean-Pierre, the man with whom I've been sharing my life since 2004. In 2015 I started the LET SkyDancing Training, followed by the Teacher Training in 2018.

Certified Skydancing Tantra Facilitator (2023), ULB Certified Clinical Sexologist (2019), UCLouvain Certified Couple Therapist (2015), I offer Tantra workshops for group support as well as individual and couple sessions.

The values I share are: Love, Acceptance, Authenticity, Caring, Awareness, Courage, Curiosity, Gentleness, Family, Faith, Integrity, Non-judgment, Responsibility, Respect, Spontaneity.

My favorite tool is Play. Play is a real source of energy, full of positive emotions, lightness and relaxation. Over a short period of time, it allows you to forget about yourself, and only by forgetting about yourself and having fun can you overcome your fears, take the drama out of a situation that seems blocked, and be receptive and creative in your own life.


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Certified SkyDancing Tantra Teachers in Europe

Certified Teachers are experienced and inspiring professionals who support the vision of Margot Anand and SkyDancing Tantra International. They have completed training as a SkyDancing Tantra Teacher and are members in good standing with one of the European SkyDancing Tantra Institutes or SkyDancing Tantra International.
The title of Certified Teacher was granted to them by a Certification Committee based on requirements such as (but not limited to): having attended and assisted the Love & Ecstasy Trainings and having successfully taught evening and weekend workshops based on the teachings of Margot Anand. By receiving this certification, these Teachers have agreed to comply with SkyDancing Tantra Ethical Standards and Guidelines.